A Primal Obsession With The Cosmos​.​.​.

by A Void in Coma

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A Void in Coma's first demo, "A Primal Obsession With The Cosmos...", all tracks previously performed in Reading, UK for the Into Darkness collective and others during the last two years. (2011-2013)

We extend our gratitude to Vymethoxy Redspiders for her efforts to record and produce this demo; Simon Bowers(Mouth of The Void), Edward Radcliffe (Nyogtha/Mouth of the Void) of the Into Darkness Collective; John Beeson of Infernal Rock Radio; Daniel Scrivener (Aklash/Cavernous Despondency); Toby Essam, Tony Lake, Tiff Sauvage of Cavernous Despondency and Nicholas Miller, James Scrivener, Alex Taylor of Aklash for your support. Benedict Gryspeerdt for previously playing Bass for us during the early manifestation of A Void in Coma.

Into Darkness,

Cavernous Despondency,



Mouth of The Void

There is more power in the collective than there is in the individual alone, fuck the hierarchy of gender, race and class! Fuck Capitalism and Liberal ideology! Anarchy, oneness with the eternal void and the cosmos forever!

-Who is it who hears?-


released July 20, 2013

- Vymethoxy Redspiders - Production/Bass

- Myrddin Evans - Drums/Vocals

- Tanith Jade Griffiths - Guitars/Vocals



all rights reserved


A Void in Coma Reading, UK

A Void in Coma manifested itself two years ago, as a means to express our reverence to the void and the vast, ever indifferent cosmos. There is only nothingness...the human ego is a frail ghost upon the void and we will lose ourselves to the bleak.

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Track Name: A Void in Coma
Endlessly drifting
Where light can not reach
Vacant expanses
Flowing into uncertain infinity

Shrill screams, crying for respite
Forever lost amidst cosmic winds
Desperate delusions disappear
Into distant, disdainful depths
Thoughts ebb into astral currents...
Track Name: Madonna(/Whore Complex)
My Darling Mother,
Sat upon an Altar, built upon broken eggs...
Watching rotting petals spill from my vulva...
I miscarried my only son,
The fruit was ripe in the orchard...
And I danced with bloodied feet,
Upon my son's head.
Track Name: Drown
Drown me, deep in the river,
And the water, carry me home.
Purge me, fill me with the purity,
Let the current engulf the tides.

Carry me to the birth of the sea..

Down and down..

Drown with me..